Art for any project

If you need some Design, Illustration Art i can create it for you.

I can create for example:

  • Music covers
  • Postcards
  • T-Shirts
  • Posters ( Music, Events etc.)
  • Book-Cover or Illustrations
  • Web Graphics
  • Sticker
  • etc.

Unfortunately, I can not give you an exact price here, because this depends on many factors. These include for example
Level of detail, number of characters, size, purpose, license, number of distributions, color or black and white, etc.

The best way is to discuss your project. Then we can agree on a price. Whether we charge a fixed price or by the hour depends on the project.

For a best estimate I need as much material as possible, what you imagine it should look like. Like CD covers, pictures, illustrations etc.

Just contact me by email and we will see what is possible and if I can realize your idea and if it fits my style.
I am looking forward to your mail!

Get in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram or Email